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Company Presentations

Digital media Production Co. can produce a video that presents your Company and your Companies ideas using the latest technologies in digital content creation.  We do Training videos, Weddings,  Special Occasions, Documentaries  and more.

Image Composting

By developing motion graphics and visual effects we can take your creative vision and turn it into a presentation that generates results.  We can integrate your graphics, logos, images, video and custom 3D content. We can put your presentation on a variety of media like DVD, video tape, CD and even on the web.  Sample Production
Videography $255.00 1st hour
Videography $125.00 per hour
Editing $125.00 per hour
3D animation $150.00 per hour
Graphics $85.00 per hour
DVD authoring $125.00 per hour
Video CD &  Compression $135 every 30 min
Additional Titles $35 each
Travel Call

Pictures on Video

Digital Media Production Co. can take your images and put them on video.  We can scan your photographs or use your digital images for this purpose.  We  can combine and blend these images a number of  ways. 
Transition $155.00 minimum first 60 images $2.00 ea additional image.
Animated $325.00 minimum first 30 images $5.00 ea additional image.
Wedding Picture Video
Web Video & Video on CD       
Digital Media Production Co. stays on top of the latest developments in Video Compression, this allows us to apply the best technology to maintain the highest quality video possible.  We can compress your video using a variety of formats.  QuickTime, MPEG, Windows Media and Real Player.  Your videos can be optimized for CD, DVD, or for the web.    Contact us for Prices.

Caution:  videos are optimized for web, download times vary.
We recommend computers, connected to ISDN, cable or higher for best results.
Contact us for CD quality or VHS demos

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